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About Me

My love of data has been almost constant. I studied Math and Physics in college and have always loved the inherent magic of extracting insights from numbers. Only in recent years, though, have I begun to really discover and cultivate my talent in the design space. It is in this intersection of data and design that I have found my true passion.

I like playing with data, solving puzzles and making functional visualizations that are also beautiful. I spend my days as a Senior Visualization Developer at Nike where I do this work for various stakeholders across the organization. I also make visualizations in my spare time when I'm particularly inspired.

Things that matter to me: honesty, empathy, respect, collaboration, and continuous improvement.


A selection of my recent projects - a mix of work and personal ventures. Shown here are static images of the work - the original versions are generally interactive and allow users to further explore the data. Links are provided to the interactive versions of my personal projects.

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